How to Save HUNDREDS of Dollars on paint

Well Pinterest, you have done it once again. Made my life..or at least my week…so much easier! A few weeks ago when I was having one of those months where nothing would go right, I found myself leaving the gym at 6:30 in the morning still half asleep, which resulted in me backing into a nice white pole with my nice black car. The white paint stuck out like a sore thumb! I had waited a few weeks and almost forgot about it until a coworker asked me about it. I started asking around for quotes from body shops, and I heard anywhere from $500-$700 to fix the paint job. PUKE! It made me sick to my stomach thinking about spending that much for a ditzy mistake I made.

When I looked closer, I realized that I could almost scratch off the paint with my finger nail, and that it must have just been paint from the pole on my car, not actual scratches. So I did what every red blooded woman would do, and I started a Pinterest search for DIY ways to remove paint from your car. I saw one person share a picture of the Mr. Clean Magic eraser pads, and since I was running to Target anyway, thought I would pick one up and give it a shot….and boy, I am so glad I did!! I eagerly tried to remove the paint in the Target parking lot (didn’t care who was staring) and the white paint came right off. Yeeee-haw!

I hope someday, somewhere, the creator of that original posts sees this one and knows how thankful I am for their Pin!

I saved hundreds by using a little muscle and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Before and After– I saved hundreds by using a little muscle and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

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