With Sioux Falls Pride tomorrow, I thought this would be a great time to talk about one of my most recent projects, Equalitees!

A few weeks ago, my friend Josh told me he was moving to Washington D.C. to work with the HRC. He came to me asking to make a design for a tshirt so that he could give the man he was working for a gift. First thing I thought of was that red and pink equal sign that went viral when people changed their Facebook pictures to in support of equality…then I thought of the shape of our state, went into Adobe Illustrator, cut South Dakota in half..and the rest really is history! Josh loved the first idea I showed him (which is probably the best news a designer can hear!). He then brought the idea up to Braden who thought a FEW more people might be interested in the shirt, so we dabbled in the idea of maybe ordering 30…

Well, over 200 shirts later, it’s still rolling! It’s a design I truely am proud of because it’s something I stand behind. As a designer, nothing is greater than seeing people at work, walking down the street, or at the grocery store wearing something you designed..but it puts a huge smile on my face to see SO many people supporting marriage equality.

So, if you are at Pride tomorrow, Look for the booth! Braden will be wearing a smile and selling the “Equali-tees” (see what we did there?)

For more information, and to show some more support, “Like” Equali-tees on facebook! Even upload a selfie in the Tee if you wish!





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