I’m still alive!

You probably are wondering WHAT in the heck have I been up to? (Besides not blogging on here!)

Much like my New Year’s Resolution to lose ten pounds this year, I have failed at my goal to post atleast once a month. I keep jotting down blog ideas and I push the little notes to the side and continue to neglect the blog. Well here I am!

I always made fun of people who said this, I really do wish there were a few more hours in a day. Between my full time job doing web design, waitressing to earn some extra cash, and freelance designing…I I sometimes don’t know where I end and I begin; however, I absolutely love my busy, crazy, beautiful life!

Since I have neglected this for quite some time, I have included a few examples of recent projects! Please message me with any questions about them, and I will try to eventually make mini posts about some of them. As much I want to promise that I will be blogging more, I have to admit that I still might not hit my New Year’s Resolution…but just know that I am taking life a day at a time and doing as much as I possibly can!! I have a lot of new exciting things coming this summer that I will be sure and share!



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