First Time For Everything!

I have finally completed my first freelance website! 

I am mainly print based, so it was fun to stray away from the norm a little bit. (Side bar: I try to not do as many web-based projects due to the time they take to make them, and it allows me to reserve my time for more freelance clients).. But when my Sister-in-law, Rachel, said that the facility she works at needed a website, I thought I would be up for the challenge!

I made this website (and logo) for Integrated Therapy Services out of Mitchell, South Dakota. This was definitely a learning experience as I didn’t make it from a template or with a site builder like I had in the past. 

The biggest lie would be for me to say I did this all on my own! I would still be pulling my hair out and probably filling up on wine on a nightly basis if it weren’t for my friend and coworker, Chad Phillips. Chad is usually a go-to for web questions at work, but this time he went above and beyond and even defeated Internet Explorer when they tried to ruin our drop down menu! Thank you, Chad for your hard work and putting up with my hundreds, okay, thousands of questions! 

Be sure and check out!




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