I’m still alive!

Hey Everyone!

I’m still here, the busy life has not killed me quite yet, although some days it’s close!! A little update on me since the last time I blogged (which seems like a light year ago!)

I am now a full-time web designer at carsforsale.com and I love it! The people, the atmosphere, and the overall job is really everything I could ask for. Everyone is so kind and welcoming, and also helpful when I can’t figure out a certain piece of coding!

Aside from my full time job, I am also busier than ever with freelancing. I am working with several different brides on wedding invites, businesses on logos, and have even began freelance web-designing. I am far too behind on posting all of my new designs on my blog, so I suppose you will just have to stay up to date by viewing my facebook posts!

I have some how managed to keep my ahead above water, but my New Years Resolution is to pay more attention to my blog, my website, and to eventually re-brand my logo. Thanks for your patience! As always, feel free to message me on facebook, leave a comment on here, or on my website. Hope you had a wonderful holidays!

Love, Mo


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