The Game of Life

The funny thing about the board game, Life,  is that even when i was little, I would draw my 3 careers, and although the doctor and athlete salaries were very tempting, i would always choose the artist. (Are you finished laughing at the thought of me being an athlete?)It’s crazy how that silly board game relates to me now (no, I don’t drive an orange station wagon with green and blue children)..but given the circumstances, I would still always choose the artist card. I love what I do, and I can say that I’m glad I went into the field I did being fully aware I might not make as much as the athletes or the doctors, and odds are I probably won’t ever own a Victorian Mansion. One thing that I am continuously trying to remember from that game is that even if you have a few set backs that keeps you from going as fast as the other cars, or may not make as much as them, you can still win at “Life”.



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