It’s none of your business (card contest)


Ok some of you get this and think OH I LOVE IT..and some of you are staring at your screen thinking what in the world is she up to now?..well here’s the logic behind this business card giveaway and how I came up with the contest name!

So there i was sitting at my favorite bar in town on a saturday night, listening to some mediocre karaoke singers who had a few too many. The beginning verse that many know a little too well came on and we immediately knew that Salt n’ Peppa was going to be making a comeback. As much as I tried to just block it out, the ‘none of yo business’ became a little catchy and turned into an ear worm that wouldn’t leave my head! I quickly pulled out my iPhone and in my notepad added this Wheel Of Fortune “Before and After”-esque name for a business card giveaway!



Ok, so NOW does it make sense 🙂 



Seriously, it’s a great deal, and it gives me a chance to really reach out via social media and hopefully meet some more clients! You must be a fan of Molly Meester Designs on Facebook to win. I will be keeping each share as an entry in an Excel Spreadsheet, and will draw a winner (at random) on Friday, April 19. The business card does not include logo design, so you will need to provide your own. If you do not have a logo, I know this pretty awesome designer who could probably hook you up! For more information on logo pricing, please visit my website,


Thanks, and lets get sharing!


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