How Safe Are Olympic Sports From The IOC?

When I grow up, I want to be a professional table tennis player..says noone ever (except forrest gump)

Now, I realize this blog is usually strictly based around Social Media and Graphic Design (because those things are awesome)…But after seeing my Facebook and twitter blow up with statuses about how they are going to cancel a certain sport from the olympics, I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut (weird!).

I think it’s finally time to give a shout out to a sport that I’ve felt has never deserved quite the credit it deserves. Almost every winter Saturday growing up, for as long as I can remember, I would spend it taking naps on bleachers with my parents dishing out crayons and money for the concession stands just to keep me occupied. I watched my brothers cut weight, come home with scratches and bruises from tough practices, and I also watched them face pain in losing and triumph in winning until they were seniors in high school and one all the way through college. To be a wrestler’s SISTER you have to get used to having zero sweets in the house during wrestling season and being willing to skip events with your friends to support your brothers during Saturday wrestling meets. You can’t just be a halfway wrestler, you have to be all in.

I guess that’s why when I heard this morning that they were going to cut wrestling from the 2020 olympics, it hit close to home.  The last few years I have been awestruck at some of these events that they call “Sports”…Race Walking:…saw someone doing that in the mall yesterday. Equestrian:…so the horse is actually the one doing the work? Wrestlers don’t have the opportunity to join a professional league after college. (unless they’re ok with wearing facepaint and having chairs slammed into their heads) Olympics are the next step. I don’t doubt that the bizarre sports are important to the competitors…I just have a very hard time finding a sport that requires as much passion as wrestling does.

There truly is no other sport that can represent what the Olympic Games should be about. For once, lets give wrestlers the credit they deserve. How can the International Olympic Committee BEGIN to consider tossing out this iconic sport?  Wrestling is a passionate sport at all levels, but many pee wees, high school, and college wrestlers would no longer have that “ultimate goal” in the distance.  Granted, very few advance to that level, but to eliminate the sport is to eliminate dreams.  I hope, for the sake of wrestlers everywhere, that the IOC reconsiders.  They have no idea what’s coming if they have a bunch of wrestling moms coming after them!

Keep the dream alive!


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