How to change your Facebook Page’s Username


It seems simple right? Just go to the admin panel, update info, basic information, change username…done!


For the last 7 months I have been working for a recruiting agency as their social media strategist. (P.S. for me to admit I was doing something wrong takes a lot so just bare with me on this!) I had been named the ‘content creator’ in the admins. The thing I did not realize until now was that content creators do not always get full reign. I currently manage 3 separate pages, 1 for my design page (which you should ‘like’ by now if you haven’t already!) and 2 for my work.

I had continuously tried to update the username, and although it would say it was available, after I entered my desired username, it read “oops, something went wrong, we’re currently working on getting this fixed”. I know Facebook is usually good with working out kinks, so I didn’t think this issue should last 7 months, so I began to do some research. If you are also facing this issue, here are a couple reasons you may be getting that message:

Amount of Fans

In order for you to be able to add a username to your page, you must have at least 40 people to like your page. That made total sense since I only had about 25 likes on my company’s page! I kicked out a contest and some posts and got up to 60 likes, and thought I would try again….STILL NOTHING! Why had it been so simple to set-up my Molly Meester Designs username but not my company’s username?

Admin Roles

I actually wanted to give up trying to change the username for awhile, but I recently took a webinar that Amy Porterfield did on building your Facebook brand, and she stressed the importance of the username so I had finally had enough. When I had mentioned this to the other admin of the page, he thought he would give it a shot. With ONE try he got the username to work! Not only was I frustrated, but I dug a little deeper as to why this would happen.

Although I was an admin on the page, that wasn’t enough. You must be the manager to have the ability to change app settings, usernames, etc. I want to extend my apologies to Facebook for all the curses that I have screamed at my computer screen over the last 7 months of searching forums on how to switch that!

Hopefully this helps! Feel free to leave comments or questions, and next time you’re on Facebook, be sure to ‘like’ and!


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