How to make the ultimate at home date night kit

How to make a perfect date night movie kit 



I recently made this present for my brother and his beautiful bride for their wedding gift. I have made this present other couples and it has been a hit! This has to be one of the simplest, yet thoughtful wedding gifts. It’s especially great when you’re on a budget! 


What you will need:

glass (or plastic) popcorn bowl (pyrex bowls work great!)

paint pens (get them at about any craft store, hobby lobby has a great selection)

comfy blanket

1 box of microwave popcorn



1. Take the paint pens and make sure that none of them are dried out. I recommend practicing a few times on a newspaper to make sure that the paint isn’t sticky/runny, because the paint is somewhat hard to get off once it hits the bowl. (not trying to freak you out!)


2. Once you are finished writing whatever your lil’ heart desires on the bowl, (I like to use the Person’s Last name with Movie Night under it) You can then draw a few little fun popcorn shapes with a yellow or white paint pen! 


I do apologize for the image quality of the bowl, the lighting in my apartment did not do it justice! 


3. Wait for the paint to dry, then put the bags of microwave popcorn in the bowl. You can either use ribbon to attach the blanket to the bowl, but the blanket I bought was too big so I couldn’t use the ribbon! 


4. This next step is not necessary, but I think it is important to explain to the couple (or whoever you’re giving this to) why you randomly gave them a bowl of popcorn and a blanket. So I like to make a cute little “Movie/Date Night Instructions Guide”. 


Ingredients for your movie night:

Orville Redenbacher Movie Theater Popcorn 

Popcorn Bowl

Movie of the bride’s choice

Comfy Blanket

Each other!



1. Prepare popcorn as instructed on package. Then, 

pour the popcorn into customized popcorn bowl.


2. Next, as much as you may fight about this, it is your

new wife’s turn to pick what movie you shall watch.


3. Grab your blanket, and relax!



I have also made a printable PDF of the ingredients i have made which I would be happy to share with you! Just email me at or message me on facebook. The only thing I ask for in return is a like on my design page or telling a couple of your friends about my site!


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